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Project Approach

Most clients today are realizing that the involvement of a contractor early in the design process is the best approach to minimize construction problems. Too often, Preconstruction Services are confused with estimating services. Periodic estimates of what is being designed are important, but proactive management of the design process guarantees that the design reflects a target budget, which is the essence of our Preconstruction Services.

This management requires the same level of professional effort by the contractor that the client puts into his feasibility study.

The elements of Merit’s approach while contracting new projects is as follows: Guaranteed maximum pricing (GMP) can be developed at 70% completed construction documents. Open bidding procedures will allow client access to all cost information. Any and all cost information will be shared only after a mutually acceptable contract has been executed by both parties.

As part of the final GMP contract, and as an incentive, Merit proposes to share in any cost savings that result from superior project management enabling the project to be completed for an amount less than the GMP. Our recommendation would be a 60% client and 40% contractor split.

A complete Critical Path Schedule will be developed for the project. This schedule will be updated periodically and distributed to all involved parties. Merit will carefully assemble a project team experienced in similar-type construction. This will include the service of a full-time field superintendent and a project manager in the office. Merit will self-perform, with its field staff, any work items that subcontractors do not competitively price or items that have a major impact on the schedule.

These are key elements of our construction approach. A specific project approach and discussion of fees and general conditions will be prepared upon request.

Merit will implement and utilize a computer-generated bar chart scheduling system, which indicates the critical path of work. These are time-scaled logic diagrams creating detailed overview summaries for each project.

The project DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION schedule will be monitored daily by Merit’s Project Team and formally updated monthly or as needed.

Additionally, over the past 13 years, Merit has utilized “three week look-ahead schedules” to manage day-to-day activities. The three-week look-ahead takes a three week window from the master schedule and breaks it down into more specific tasks that can be monitored even more efficiently, in order to meet deadlines. The project schedule will be reviewed at our client’s meeting and will be one of the main topics at all project coordination meetings.

Merit, along with all of the subcontractors, will provide upon substantial completion a notarized written warranty for a period of one (1) year from the substantial completion date. This written warranty will cover all workmanship and product provided under the construction documents and specifications per industry standards for normal use.

Some products may offer longer warranty periods and will be identified and noted through the bidding process. Some warranties, such as the roofing, HVAC condensers, etc., will be provided direct from the manufacturer and shall be bound with the various subcontractors’ written warranties and bounded with the operation manuals.

Other documents to be included with the written guarantees and warranties but not necessarily limited to are:

  • Operation manuals
  • As-builds drawings and specifications.
  • Material replacements stock as requested in the construction documents.
  • Master key of all lock sets if required.

Merit will provide a successful closeout of any and all activities required as follows:

  • Assist with acquiring a final occupancy license as needed.
  • Develop a thorough punch list with timely completion dates.
  • Record and deliver a detailed redlined as built set of drawings in hard copy.
  • Professionally bind (3) sets of O&M Manuals for Owners use, which will include any and all written warranties and key subcontractors’ 1-year written
  • guarantees.
  • A thorough training session with the facilities manager or representative as selected by the client of all equipment and systems.
  • A complete list of subcontractors and vendors with contact person, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses for future reference.