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Merit has the capabilities to build your project through Construction Management, General Contracting or Design-Build delivery methods.

With extensive skills and experience from designers, construction managers, site planners and craftsmen, we can construct a building that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Our range of contracting services includes early steps, like site selection and permit acquisitions, and all the way through final landscaping. By streamlining the building process and identifying problems before they occur, we are able to reduce unnecessary delays and change orders


Design-Build, Merit’s preferred method of project work, is a construction delivery system designed to save time and money. By merging the design, permit and construction schedules into a collaborative environment, owners benefit from a strategy that’s less likely to run over schedule and budget.

As a general rule, the more complex a project becomes the more valuable the Design-Build model becomes.

Build to Suit

These projects include office spaces, warehouses & manufacturing and retail & entertainment facilities.

More value-focused than institutions, these clients are willing to allocate extra money in certain areas that they deem important to their respective projects.

“Design · Build · Achieve”