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KU Med Research Support Facility

Posted on May 13, 2015 by in Medical | 0 comments


Project Elements:


Contract Amount: $5,351,390

Total Square Footage: 37,348

Duration: Phased over 2 years


Project Overview:

 This project for KU Medical Center was a complicated addition of two stories on top of an existing two story building.

The existing animal research facility had to remain in full operation throughout the duration of the construction work.  Merit had to make special provision for noise control, climate changes, access and security so that none of the multi-million dollar research projects were adversely affected.  The project added x-ray facility, holding and observation rooms, laboratories, extension of the elevators and expansion of the HVAC systems.


Major Building Features:

  • Cast in place concrete caps.
  • Steel framing
  • Removal of existing roofing and leveling of concrete roof deck to become a new 3rd floor.
  • New cooling tower
  • Clean rooms w/seamless flooring and heap filter HVAC systems.