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Project Elements:

Kansas City, MO

Contract Amount: $3,100,000

Total Square Footage: 24,000

Project Overview:

Merit provided over 12,300 man-hours to facilitate the construction of Lakeside Nature Center. The uniqueness that separates this project from the mass majority of today’s construction is that nothing, in shape or form, is square on this building. The roof structure in itself almost emulates that of a bird in flight. By reviewing the progress and completion photos both from ground and above illustrates that the basic layout requirements were nothing short of a nightmare. “Designing and building the structure was a major challenge”, said Mark McHenry, Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation. “It’s a hard building to construct”, McHenry said, “everything is built with odd angles. It’s not a box”. Even before completion, the building has earned worldwide recognition. The Center’s design won an award in 1996 from local and regional chapters of the American Institute of Architects and Design. Merit was awarded a 1st place finish by Associated Builders and Contractors in November 1999. The design for the center integrates education, conservation and wildlife rehabilitation into a captivating experience for children and their families.

Major Building Features:


  • Massive curtain walls
  • Large timber posts and beams
  • Sloped SSR roof system
  • Bush hammered walls
  • Extensive ceramic tile
  • Wildlife structures
  • Extensive concrete work
  • Glue Lam ceilings and beams