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Project Elements:

Shawnee, KS

Contract Amount: $4,100,000

Total Square Footage: 160,000

Project Overview:

This project consisted of providing the facility ready for fixture from 145 days from issuance of the building permit with a pad ready site condition.

Due to the success of this project and satisfaction of the client Merit, as a first time builder for Lowe’s, was invited to a Builder’s Conference, which is typically reserved for builders of multiple Lowe’s facilities. In order to provide the accelerated construction schedule Merit relied upon it’s innovation, strength of personnel and extensive retail experience.

This center featured a garden center, under covered canopies, sales floors, check out center, drive through pick up area and warehouse and storage areas.

Major Building Features:


  • Masonry walls.
  • Conventional structural steel.
  • Mechanically fastened EPDM roof system.
  • Extensive fire sprinkler, mechanical and electrical systems.