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Union Station Theatre

Posted on Apr 17, 2015 by in Build, Theatre | 0 comments

union2Project Elements:

Washington, D.C.

Contract Amount: $2,500,000

Total Square Footage: 36,000

Project Overview:

Doug Sharpe was the architect and project manager on this nine screen multiplex theatre set in the lower level of Washington, D.C.’s historic Union Station. This theatre formed an integral part of the total renovation of the station.

The scope of the work consisted of designing nine auditoriums within the existing station sub-structure. Public areas were designed to preserve the original look of the structure while auditoriums were completed within state of the art parameters required by AMC. Each auditorium was given its own identity by designing a miniature marquee based on famous historic theatres from the city of Washington, D.C.

The existing structure of the station provide many unique challenges to our design team as the columns were massive solid concrete sometimes as large as fifteen feet square. A series of arches provided an excellent opportunity to leave the existing structure exposed and develop a corridor system that passed through the archway system. When architect Daniel Burnham originally designed Union Station he had intended that the lower level of the station be used as a public bath and the design team reintroduced the “bath” concept by designing the lobby floor to reflect waves of water. This was done by using floor tile in waves of blues and greens.